Royal Bank of Scotland

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RBS were already embarked on a massive PeopleSoft program when they started a Global Payroll work stream to migrate their 110,000 employees and 60,000 pensioners on to it.
About Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland are a well known retail and commercial banking operation based in Scotland. They are now a part of the Nat West Group of banks that includes Nat West and Ulster Bank.

At the time of our project with them, they employed some 110,000 employees and paid around 60,000 pensioners.

Since the financial crisis of 2008 (when we were working at the bank), RBS has seen significant change in its structure and ownership.



Who was involved
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Project dates

06/2008 to 03/2009, Edinburgh, Scotland

Project details

IT Bites was appointed to lead the RBS PeopleSoft Global Payroll (GP) project based on our 7 years involvement with the product.

We joined in 2008 with a planned live date in 2010.

Our role was to develop the implementation plans in detail, and to appoint teams and partners to execute them. We used our knowledge of the GP market to source trusted consultants.

Our plan was to go live on the pensioner population as a pilot, with roll-out to the rest of the workforce following that.

By March of 2009, we had a pensioner payroll ready to go into full system and user acceptance testing. Unfortunately, due to the difficulties and constraints of the financial crisis, which was in full swing by then, RBS decided they needed to cut costs. While our role as Project Managers was deemed surplus to requirements, our associates continued on the project until the pensioner payroll went live and was stabilised.

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