A bit about Workday

Workday was co-founded by Dave Duffield after his previous company, PeopleSoft, was acquired by Oracle in 2005. With fellow co-founder Aneel Bhusri, they set about creating on demand, cloud based business applications for Finance management; human capital management and student management.

In 2008, Workday was launched and changed the software business model as customers subscribe to a managed service rather than buying or renting software that they install and manage themselves – now known widely as Software as a Service (SaaS). By this, all customers are using exactly the same codeline, which is therefore constantly being tested not only during new deployments, but also by millions of transactions being undertaken by thousands of customers on a daily basis.

Workday has continued to evolve based on legisaltive change; customer request; industry trends; specialist vendor acquisition.

IT Bites switched to becoming Workday implementers in 2013, becoming certified initially through partner relationships, and then continuing as an independent, boutique specialist. We continue in the Workday ecosystem today.


Current Project

As a mark of respect to our customers, we do not provide details of any current projects we are working on. Suffice to say, IT Bites continues to work on Workday deployments. Indeed, since January 2022 we have been engaged on a very large global project that involves a complex HR transformation with the inclusion of Workday. It is anticipated that this project will last 2 or 3 years, with IT Bites fully involved.

Our Workday Projects


Capita have implemented Workday initially for 73,000 workers in 10 countries.

IT Bites were involved in the deployment over a period of 30 months.

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IT Bites managed Testing for Kantar during their deployment of Workday for its 25,000 workers across 90 markets.

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Kone initiated an HR Renewal Programme that would lead to the adoption of Workday across 65 countries and 52,000 globval workers.

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IT Bites worked with Arriva’s implementation partner, Alight Solutions, to provide testing services for their Workday deployment.

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Bank of America

A uniquely challenging project that involved the migration of a group of workers from Bank of America Workday tenant to a new tenant following sale of a business line.

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Eriks Workday Implementation Partner, Alight Solutions partnered with IT Bites to provide Test Management services.

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Hyperion Insurance

Hyperion had grown by global acquisition and as a result had local HR systems that gave no visibility of its global workforce. Workday provided the solution!

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Astra Zeneca

Astra Zeneca had been live on Workday a number of years when they launched a project to deploy Advanced Compensation across 52 countries.

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Workday certified Engagement Management role leading ICAP project to deploy Workday across multiple territories in 9 months.

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