Deep understanding of the project lifecycle

We have been working on projects since the early 1990’s with the full experience of what it takes within what used to be referred to as “IT Projects”. What we are today is built on a background that covered just about every discipline in a project – programming (coding); operating; analysis; testing; project management – you name it, we have probably had a go. Why is this relevant? We understand the multitude of perspectives that exist within the modern, cloud based solutions that are being deployed, and which we now specialise in.

IT Bites was founded in 1998 by Steve Izatt.

Steve’s background in local government had developed a broad experience of application deployment, but a consistent thread involved HR/Payroll solutions.

The first project for the company involved validation of Unilevers 44 UK payroll for Y2K compliance. From that moment on, IT Bites became a specialist HR/Payroll consultancy. We continued working with Unilever leading their deployment of PeopleSoft Global Payroll, a ground-breaking project that became the first in the UK to go live (and only 3rd in the world).

We spent the next 13 years specialising in PeopleSoft until in 2013, we moved across to become Workday implementers, a product we adore and continue to work with today.

Passionate and practical support of Workday projects

We believe we epitomise the benefits of working with a boutique consultancy. 

When you are passionate about something, you believe in it. This is how we feel about Workday. We actually feel hurt when people criticise Workday because, invariably, the fault does not lie with Workday, but the decisions the customer made in the way they set it up. When you use people with our experience, and you listen to us, your chances of reducing criticism are greatly enhanced.

Probably the biggest, and most frequent, compliments we receive are around our practical and pragmatic approach. When all around us are losing their heads, we try and bring calm to whatever the issue is. There is always a solution, and it’s just about taking your time and identifying it.

Our team

Steve Izatt

Steve founded IT Bites in 1998 having spent 12 years working in an IT department where he developed from a coder, through to an analyst and eventually a Project Manager.

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Nikki Izatt

Nikki is an exceptionally skilled and experienced HRIS consultant who has worked on HCM and Payroll projects since the late 1990’s. She spent a number of years deploying PeopleSoft, and since 2015 she has specialised in Workday.

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A key feature of our approach is to be able to scale our team to meet customer requirements.

In may cases, customers contract their resources individually, and will go to market to find the skills they require. However, on occasions, they have asked us if we can bring in associates that we know and trust.

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