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About Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is a UK Government ministry that is responsible for keeping the UK secure and prosperous, and with global reach.

The ministry work with a number of agencies and public bodies, and one of these at the time, the People, Pay and Pensions Agency (PPPA), provided the HR function for some 100,000 civilian employees of the ministry. They used PeopleSoft to manage this.



Who was involved
steve 800px
Project dates

10/2005 to 05/2008, Bath, UK

Project details

The PPPA wished to maximise its use of PeopleSoft 8.8 functionality. To this end, they had teams looking into and gathering requirements across all manner of business processes. These would be packaged into detailed change requests for deployment as soon as possible.

PPPA worked long term with a PeopleSoft specialist, Congruent, to implement upgrades and these change requests.

Given the volume of work coming down the pipeline, Congruent appointed IT Bites to project manage all the work.

To bring some order, we introduced quarterly software releases where up to 50 change requests at a time would be implemented. Our Congruent teams, comprising over 20 functional and technical resources, would deliver the changes for the PPPA to test and sign off and then take live.

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