Nikki joined Rabobank in June 2010 on a brief 4 month assignment to help compile and present for approval, a PID for the deployment of PeopleSoft HCM to replace an existing global HCM solution.

Whilst the initial PID was unsuccessful, the Board commented that "you have given us a solution, but you have not told us what the problem is", so in December 2010 Nikki was invited back to undertake Current State Analysis.

This was the beginning of one of Nikki's longest assignments and the work she completed on current state analysis led to the approval of a multi-million euro 3-phase programme to implement a new HR Target Operating Model.

By the end of the second phase, 2 new global HR System platforms had been implemented, PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 and SuccessFactors, and Nikki's strong focus on, and understanding of HR business processes, combined with functional leadership for the programme, saw her leading and contributing to a wide variety of workstreams including organizational design and change management.