Project Management

IT Bites can help you to take your project from the conceptual to the reality.

Irrespective of your preferred methodology, or our methodology, virtually every project is concerned with 5 aspects through the full lifecycle:

The key to the success of any project lies in actually understanding where it is that you want to end up. Whether your organisation creates one itself, or if IT Bites are called in to help (see Project Scoping), it is essential that a Project Definition or Project Charter is agreed upon and signed off. In essence, this equates to the Initiation and Planning aspects above.

At such a point, IT Bites can provide invaluable expertise in the management and delivery of your project i.e. Execution through to Closure. We are happy to fit in with your own delivery methodologies, or to bring our own tools and techniques with us.

IT Bites service not only incorporates traditional Project Management skills e.g. Cost, Issue, Resource, Risk, Quality management etc, but also what we refer to as "Implementation Management". We are a company that likes to take ownership, and to this end we are more than happy to take on responsibilities that perhaps pure project managers would not feel comfortable with. For example, if we can, we try to come up with solutions to problems, we do not just simply manage them. We are able to do this because with over 15 years of experience in IT projects, you start to get a feel for problems and how best to go about their resolution. In fact, we have regularly been complimented on our innovation within problem solving.