Oracle PeopleSoft Global Payroll

"Oracle's PeopleSoft Global Payroll is a state of the art, internet based payroll solution that is built on a truly global architecture. Global Payroll is one core product with a single rules based engine and all information in one place. The benefits of this architecture include streamlined application maintenance and easy deployment and management across borders."

* Oracle Corporation

IT Bites is proud to have worked with PeopleSoft Global Payroll since the very first UK project. This experience has allowed us to develop a range of tools that can be quickly adapted to suit the needs of your company. By building on our proven experience, not only will you save time and money, you may also avoid common pitfalls.

#1 Implementing Global Payroll - an Executive Overview

Most implementations are governed by a steering group who are often required to make or support key decisions regarding the implementation. This workshop introduces the Global Payroll application to your steering group and in particular focuses on a typical implementation and the key decision points likely to be addressed.

#2 Project Definition Template

Aimed at Project Sponsors and Project Managers, this tool provides a project definition document which allows you to understand all the deliverables within your project, and how best to achieve their successful production. It also gives you a real basis on which your budget requirements can be calculated. Once signed off, it becomes the living document that controls your project, with all ambiguity removed and goals clearly stated.

#3 Global Payroll as Delivered

Your project team will be required to support your implementation partner and in particular be asked to contribute to and make decisions regarding the approach to design, configuration and customisation. This course introduces delegates to the Global Payroll application as delivered from an end user perspective. It is only when you understand how the product will be used by your payroll team, that you can effectively contribute to these debates.

#4 Preparing for UAT

Your user acceptance team will have the responsibility for fully ensuring that your application is fit for purpose. This course not only introduces delegates to your Global Payroll application, including your own configuration and customisation, but also includes instruction on how to execute the test phase using the adapted UAT Test Pack (module 5).

#5 User Acceptance Test pack

In order to ensure your Global Payroll application is adequately tested your user acceptance testing team will need to execute hundreds of test scripts, often multiple times. The delivered test pack provides hundreds of base test scripts as well as a number of management tools so as to enable you to execute this phase efficiently and with success.

#6 TaGs©

In order to ensure the Global Payroll application is consistently used as designed will require robust documentation. The delivered TaGs© consist of circa 150+ individual transaction guides giving detailed instructions on how to do 'anything and everything' required in Global Payroll.

#7 Global Payroll for the End User

Your payroll team will need to be re-trained in the PeopleSoft Global Payroll application. This course introduces delegates to your Global Payroll application, including your own design, configuration and customisation, and delivers all the skills that they will require to use the application on a day to day basis. This course also incorporates use of the TaGs©

Note: with the exception of modules one and three, all other components will be adapted to reflect your own implementation including its configuration, customisation and usage.