Functional Leadership

Excellent Functional Leadership is essential if the Business is to achieve their desired outcome and successfully realise the benefits from their HRMS Implementation (or Upgrade).

We believe that the activities of Functional Leadership map to the steps involved generally in successful project management:

Just as for the overall project, the key to successful functional design lies with properly understanding the business requirements and mapping the "to-be" process to the HRMS system "as delivered", critical for SaaS solutions such as Workday, but also for on-premise software such as PeopleSoft as projects often have a principle of "no customization" which requires strong functional leadership to successfully achieve. In fact, Change Management plays an important role here in helping organizations understand where their business processes need to change in order to fully support the new system.

That said, and where possible, customization is sometimes needed and strong functional expertise is important to ensure the customization is designed in such a way to minimally impact the delivered system thus protecting the investment being made, and in particular the total cost of ownership in years to come.

Of course, the key objective of functional leadership is to provide a bridge between the business and the technical teams to ensure business requirements are understood and effectively translated to configuration and functionality and IT Bites are well placed to support your implementation in this regard.