Change Management

Change Management is a critical aspect of any HCM programme, and one that often does not get the right focus leading to difficulties later in the project when the end-user comes on board.

In fact, and in our experience, good change management is one of the most critical success factors. If you get it right, your implementation will go smoothly and be a success with your end users; if you get it wrong it becomes much more difficult, and in some instances, can even threaten to completely derail your project.

When we mention 'Change Management', clients immediately think of communication plans, stakeholder analysis, change plans, training etc. and very soon you have a plethora of spreadsheets and other tools. Of course every good change strategy includes all these and other items, but do they alone deliver change?

n our experience, and to be successful, Change Management needs to be deeply embedded in the project from the outset including the very earliest demo sessions you deliver to your end users right through to your go-live count down.

Change Management needs to be considered against every key decision made, and your templates and tools need to be continually reviewed and updated. It needs to be at the forefront of the project, considered during every call and every workshop, and your Change Manager should be the first person onboarded, particularly if your project encompasses significant change - that's how important it is !